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AFTERSHOCK PC, based in Singapore, was founded in 2012 by a team of hardware geeks, avid gamers and IT professionals. Our mission is simple: We deliver the Ultimate Boutique Custom Notebook and PC experience with our combination of bleeding edge hardware, superior craftsmanship, and most importantly an unbeatable warranty package provided by local team, right here in Singapore.

AN DIGITAL LOCK PTE LTD was established since 2012. ADL mission is to provide a safe and convenient door lock for every household. Till date, ADL is a master supplier for 9 brands. There's a suitable model for every door and their price is the most competitive in the market!

Autopia is your Number 1 source for Made in Korea car accessories in Singapore. Our aim is to cater to all kinds of needs of driver’s car safety, security concerns and convenient driving. We are distributing Korean best-selling in-car camera and car camera battery that are top quality in Korea.

In this age of digitalisation, many young people are diagnosed with neck pain associated with looking down at a screen and overuse of devices. Get your spine checked with Chiropractic First. We are a group of specialist clinics with more than 18 years of experience focusing on the spine and nerves.

Gadget Mix appeals to the highly-connected modern society by providing a range of unique designed tech-related lifestyle gadgets and personal mobility devices. We provide both trendy and affordable products. Besides, Gadget Mix also experienced in the roadshow in most of the Singapore shopping malls.

At OTO, we believe in creating wholeness through a unique combination of Eastern traditional therapies and innovative Western technologies.

OTO has 40 years’ experience in creating innovative healthcare products that are synonymous with high quality and effective wellness at accessible prices.

Power 8 Pte Ltd is the leading screen protection specialist in Singapore which provides professional screen protection services for consumers and corporate client for more than 20 years.

Our success came from providing clients with high quality products and personalised services to whom who wish to have their screen protected from cracks, scratches, fingerprints and spying.

Secretlab was established in 2014 with the mission of providing every computer user with a quality yet affordable chair. The solution is simple: Selling top-quality chairs direct—so customers don't pay for retailers or distributors’ mark-ups, while allowing the company to maintain the best customer and aftercare services.

Today, users have upgraded their seating experiences in over 50 countries worldwide—such as Singapore, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and across Europe and South-east Asia.


Leading trichological centre, TK TrichoKare provides customised hair remedies based on premium European herbs as validated by certified Trichologist. We adopt holistic approach to treatment methods and uses latest equipment to produce the best results. All treatments are done in a pampering setting, committed to create an enjoyable customer experience.

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