HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY TO SITEX! Look at how far we have come! We would like to take you on a journey down the memory lane to rediscover electronics that were invented 3 decades ago!




Nokia P30 1988

Samsung S9

Isn’t it amazing how phones have revolutionized over the years! How many of you remember the famous brick phone days or having to sit down by your desk to access the world wide web? Phones have become smaller, lighter & multifaceted. From its initial purpose of calling, it has now advanced to a platform for entertainment and knowledge, all the convenience at your fingertips!


TANDY 1000 TL 1988

Hwa Wei Matebook X Pro 2018

Have you ever wondered how computers were 30 years ago? Unlike in the present, computers in the past were unable to access the internet and be carried around. Graphic cards in the past are not as detailed compared to the present ones, from a pixelated image when you zoom in to clear precise image. Computers are now given connectivity to the world and even AI to mimic human behaviour!


Hp Deskjet Printer 1988

Hp Sprocket Plus 2018

From slow monochromatic printers 30 years ago, we’ve now evolved to printers with high ppm rates where is it used for printing, scanning, faxing and even emailing. We even have portable handheld printers where photos can be printed anywhere and anytime with just a press of a button!


WM-b52 1988

JVC HA-ET90BT 2018

From radio, cassette tapes, CDs, MP3/MP4 players to online music platforms, we now have a variety of platforms that we can enjoy our music from! In the present, it is hassle free to enjoy music anytime and anywhere with the convenience of a wire-free experience.