SITEX 2020 – Your Digital Playground (26 – 29 Nov 2020)
Explore The Future of Lifestyle and Tech at SITEX 2019!
Explore The Future of Lifestyle and Tech at SITEX 2019!
01 Dec 2019

If you are curious about how tomorrow’s technology will impact how we work and play, visit SITEX 2019! Singapore’s only tech-lifestyle exhibition has returned this year, running from 28 November (Thursday) to 1 December (Sunday), 11am to 9pm daily, at the Singapore Expo, Halls 5 and 6.

SITEX 2019 has turned itself into ‘Your Digital Playground’, aptly named since exhibition visitors can do more than just see and shop. Not only can you buy from your favourite tech-lifestyle brands and retailers, there are also three interactive zones where you can engage with products and apps that will define our way of living in the future.

Here are the three experiential zones of SITEX 2019, and what you can expect from them:

  1. NEW! Health and Wellness Zone – For fitness junkies, fitness beginners, and anybody seeking an active lifestyle

    1. If you love fitness, enjoy the latest fitness gears and tech equipment that will amp your workout regimes! Fit-tech items and services you can check out range from fitness trackers to blood pressure monitors. Try out the Fight Zone, Dr.stretch for stretch therapy, and Beat Saber and Just Dance at Sony PlayStation.

    2. Want a workout tailored to your physical needs and fitness level? Visit ELXR, where a simple cheek-swab and expert advice will create the right fitness regime according to your DNA and physical condition.

    3. Learn about fitspo, and try outdoor combat active workouts that can be tracked and analyzed through fit-tech wearables.

    4. Not into fitness? There are interesting workshops and stage activities conducted by famous brands and experts for you to participate in! 

      Image © RenoTalk

  2. Gaming Zone – A must-go for gaming enthusiasts

    1. Get your gaming gear from the best retailers in the gaming arena, including Armageddon, Aftershock, APOL, SecretLab, MSI, and Dell!

    2. Get ready for the gaming tournament of the year! Head to MSI’s arena for the MSI Triathlon Challenge and MSI Carnival, where gamers duke it out to become e-sport champions. There’s also gaming gear to be won!

      Image © RenoTalk

    3. Into digital art and animation? Don’t miss the East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)’s Ultimate Digital Arts & Technology Battle Arena Competition, where speed-painters and digital artists pit their skills against one another over this weekend.

    4. Love robotics? Got children or loved ones who love robotics? Sign up for robotics workshops and robot football games at SJ Future Cosmo-UBTech’s joint booth. Get your hands on UBTech’s Iron Man (this is a definite crowd-pleaser!), Stormtrooper, and Jimu robots. The Iron Man and Stormtrooper robots come with their own AR apps, so you can engage with them through your mobile devices.

    5. Speaking of Iron Man, why not try out the Iron Man Virtual Reality (VR) game at Sony Playstation? Friendly staff will be on stand-by to guide you through this exciting game demonstration. 

      Image © RenoTalk

    6. Enjoy board games? Head to Gallant Games for their line-up of board and card games. There is a game for everyone, from those who enjoy storytelling and strategising (Dungeons & Dragons, WarHammer) to those who enjoy being savage (Cards Against Humanity, Limpeh Says). Don’t miss out on their game demonstrations!

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  3. Travel Tech Experiential Zone – Visit this zone to learn about the future of travelling and how technology will impact our commutes. 

    1. Visit BlueSG’s booth to find out more about the most popular electric car rental in Singapore! You may even walk away with exclusive packages and deals!

Readying Your Home For The Future?

If you are curious about smart home technology and tech-lifestyle furnishings, we found some nifty wares to get you started:

  • CUCKOO, a South Korean brand renowned for their advanced rice cookers and air humidifiers. Get your hands on their water dispensers and their hottest products – the CUCKOO Prince Top, Hybrid Induction Hob, Pressure Multi-cookers, and blenders.

    Image © RenoTalk

  • Xiaomi’s range of household products, including smart security cameras, smart speakers, car chargers, and even a smart weighing scale that measures your height, weight, and BMI

  • ViewQwest’s home and internet security systems

  • Huawei’s smartphones, as well as pairs of smart glasses with built-in tech.

  • Eubiq’s trademark electrical plug tracks.

  • TP-Link’s Deco line, including a Wi-Fi mesh system.

  • Sugawa Smart Cooker

  • Smart Door Locks from Samsung, Schlage, igloohome, Zanzan, and Yale.

    Image © RenoTalk

  • Grunn’s Gyrobot robotic vacuum cleaners 

  • Orlant’s Smart Laundry Hangers, available in different colours and sizes. Get 10 pieces of washing products at $50 (U.P. $120) with every purchase of Orlant’s smart hangers.

    Image © RenoTalk

    Image © RenoTalk

These are just a few of the many digital/smart door locks, smart plugs, smart induction cookers, smart electronics, and robot vacuum cleaners you can find at SITEX 2019. 

What Else Is There?

There is a lot more at SITEX 2019 but we are unable to squeeze in everything in this article (lest you be spending more time reading this than visiting SITEX like we are encouraging you to), so here’s what we can tell you now:

  • If you have been awaiting the Jumanji sequel ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’, check out the Jumanji obstacle course near the entrance of Hall 5! Complete all three stages under 70 seconds, and get a free Jumanji-premium key-strap compass!

    Image © RenoTalk

  • Hurray for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Treat yourself to exhibition-only specials and discounts, as well as updates on lucky draw prizes and new product launches exclusive to SITEX. Look out for these exclusive deals from Huawei, CUCKOO, Samsung, vivo, SJ Cosmo Future, and Sqkii (who’s ready for a treasure hunt!).

  • Get your hands on the Sure Win Mystery Box, located at the back of Hall 5. This prize draw features a wide selection of prizes that will be available for redemption on a first-come, first-served basis. Stand a chance to win over S$120,000 worth of attractive prizes from leading brands like Armageddon, Canon, Dell, Gain City and Skull Candy, among many others. Just spend a minimum of S$100 in a single receipt to be entitled to one entry in the Sure Win Mystery Prize. Eg: S$199 and S$359 in 2 separate receipts = 2 Entries.

  • There is also the Grand Lucky Draw, also located at the back of Hall 5. There are five grand prizes (1st to 3rd Prize are courtesy of Gain City) to be won this year: 

1st Prize: Samsung The Frame 65″ 4K Smart TV, S$5,599

2nd Prize: Sharp 70″ UHD Smart TV, S$3,699

3rd Prize: Samsung 49″ QLED Smart TV, S$2,699

4th Prize: CUCKOO King Top Water Purifier + 1 Year NCSP, S$2,199

5th Prize: Sugawa Smart Cooker 8000DS, S$1,908

Every S$100 spent in a single receipt gives you one chance in the Grand Lucky Draw. Eg: S$599 in a single receipt = 5 chances

  1. Interested in vlogging? Flex your vlogging muscles with this zone’s line-up of portable audio products, all available for purchase!

  2. There are not just audio products, but also action cams, wireless pods, and more travel-tech items for your video-making needs. Take advantage of high-resolution clarity and multi-sensory audio connectivity, whether you are travelling or spending this year-end at home!

  3. Travel Cams are available with various VLOG setups, perfect for unleashing the content creator in you!

Image © RenoTalk

Eager to check out SITEX 2019 and their cool zones? 

Looking for the perfect place to spend Black Friday and beyond? 

Or are you seeking to go Christmas shopping?

Visit SITEX 2019 – Your Digital Playground:

Date: 28 November (Thursday) to 1 December 2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 5-6

Time: 11am – 9pm daily

Event website:

If you are attending SITEX 2019, don’t forget to use the hashtags #YourDigitalPlayground and #SITEX2019 to share all your digital moments with us!

See you at SITEX 2019!

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