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7 Portable Health Gadgets to Stay Fit and Healthy in The “New Norm”
7 Portable Health Gadgets to Stay Fit and Healthy in The “New Norm”
16 Sep 2020
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The world as we know it has entirely shifted under our feet in the last six months. As we confine ourselves to our homes, the video-call service has become a way of life to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and customers. Healthcare services have shifted to the digital domain creating a surge in in-home health monitoring devices and portable/wearable fitness devices. 

The constant tug of war to co-exist amidst the strict social distancing measures and remain fit has accelerated the adoption of health apps, tech home gadgets and online fitness classes like never before. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or you are just a fitness enthusiast, here are seven portable gadgets that will help you stay fit and healthy in the “new normal” brought to you by The SITEX Team.

1. Blood Pressure Monitor



Health profiles of people inflicted with COVID indicate higher morbidity and mortality among COVID patients with a history of hypertension. Patients who have a history of cardiac arrests or heart abnormalities need to be extra cautious and keep their blood pressure in check. Given these circumstances, a good option is to opt for a digital blood pressure monitor.

The Omron HEM-7600T is our recommendation. This gadget combines minimalistic design with technology to record a medical-grade ECG for easy management and sharing within minutes. It also offers the longest warranty period of five years among blood pressure monitor brands.

2. Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System




Keeping your blood sugar levels within recommended levels may help to reduce the severity of COVID-19 infection for people who suffer from diabetes. Glucometers play an important role in helping diabetic patients track their blood glucose fluctuations.

We recommend the Accu-Chek device. Available for as little as $30, this glucometer measures glucose levels in the blood and then displays them on to the Accu-Chek device. It provides visual and audio postprandial reminders to test two hours before and after eating. This is a must-have device for people with diabetes! 

3. Smart Temporal Thermometer




Even after exiting the circuit breaker, COVID-19 temperature checks are set up across malls, restaurants, and every possible public space we can think of. Thus, getting a thermal thermometer that is accurate, that connects to an app over WiFi or Bluetooth, and helps you share readings with your doctor within seconds is a great buy!

The Nokia Thermo smart temporal thermometer uses 16 infrared sensors that collect around 4,000 temperature readings in two seconds. Besides being able to track temperature readings, this thermometer can also set reminders, take notes, and get advanced health advice based on age, symptoms, and fever history. 

4. Portable Gluten Tester




Hives, skin rash, nausea, vomiting, and asthma are just a few side effects of gluten allergy. For those who have it, even the smallest bite of wheat can trigger allergic reactions.

Nima is the world’s first gluten detector that detects gluten at 20ppm and above for most foods. It comes with several one-time use test capsules and a proprietary app that allows you to track and share data with other users. It is a blessing for people with gluten allergies, especially during these times, when food takeaways have become a norm and a lot of day-to-day products have been off-the-shelves in supermarkets.

5. Cross-Training Ab Roller




Chances are high that as you are reading this, you are working exclusively from home. Belly fat, stiff neck, and the sheer ability to distinguish your personal from the professional have vanished. If this is the case, the AB Wheel is for you!

Create those perfect abs and tone your body as you burn your belly fat and train your core muscles. An easy to use, foldable and detachable ab-roller that easily fits in your backpack is your perfect sweat-from-home gadget!

6. Fitness Tracker




The prospect of suddenly falling gravely ill with no early symptoms is one of the many frightening aspects of COVID-19. Since the Fitbit is a wearable device that continuously tracks your heart rate throughout the day, it eventually comes to learn your average heart rate — creating a baseline representing what is normal for you. In fact, this device relies on these heart rate fluctuations to help determine how well you slept or how hard you worked during an exercise. It also means that any unexplained fluctuations in your heart rate could signal a variety of health issues, including an infection!

The Fitbit Charge 4 comes with a GPS to track your runs, walks and other activities, even when you have left your phone at home. There is also Fitbit Pay for contactless payments, and if you do decide to take your phone along, you can control your Spotify playlist from your wrist, making it a perfect companion for a run!

7. Fitness-tracking earbuds



The Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds is a wireless and waterproof in-ear precision heart rate monitor that works with the integrated Jabra Sport Life app to track and analyse your fitness. A secure and comfortable fit, these earbuds monitor absolute fitness level, have reps counted automatically, predict race pace and more. One of the smallest and most efficient fitness devices for those who like to exercise on-the-go!

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– XETIS & The SITEX Team

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