SITEX 2020 – Your Digital Playground (26 – 29 Nov 2020)
#XETISStayAtHome Virtual Backgrounds (FREE DOWNLOAD)
#XETISStayAtHome Virtual Backgrounds (FREE DOWNLOAD)
10 Jun 2020
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Spruce up your teleconferencing backdrop with our #XETISStayAtHome virtual backgrounds!

Download the series for use on your next Zoom conference call, or set it as your computer/laptop’s wallpaper – ALL FOR FREE!

1) #XETISStayAtHome Virtual Background/Wallpaper #1 

2) #XETISStayAtHome Virtual Background/Wallpaper #2

3) #XETISStayAtHome Virtual Background/Wallpaper #3

Need some help learning how to set up a virtual background in Zoom or apply these backgrounds in your PC/laptop? Here are some useful video tutorials:

How to Set up a Virtual Background in Zoom

How To Change The Wallpaper On Your PC Desktop Or Laptop

– XETIS & The SITEX Team

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