Smart Home & Living Zone


Showcase of the full VIEWQUEST wifi suite (NETGEAR) and other products such as the ORBI etc.


Switch your home broadband with Singapore’s fastest fixed network winner and experience a Smart Home come to live with ViewQuest.


The most significant and obvious advantage of a Mesh Wi-Fi system would undoubtedly be its ability to provide you with full Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Instead of the usual single router system, it operates through a network of nodes working together to transmit your Wi-Fi signal through your entire residence. In addition, if there are issues with a single node in the network, the network will still remain active as long as the main one is connected to the broadband connection. The defective node then can be easily replaced.

Who Are We?

ViewQwest is number #1 in speed!

ViewQwest strives to empower our subscribers with the freedom to access entertainment content and to surf with no limitations. Established since 2001 as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), ViewQwest empowers users through Freedom DNS to watch up to thousands of movies, TV shows and more, from a plethora of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, PPTV China, etc. We pride ourselves as the innovative ISP that pioneered the removal of restrictive industry practices like international bandwidth caps and traffic shaping. At the same time, we implemented best practices such as latency based routing, ensuring that subscribers get exactly what they pay for – ultra-fast internet access. Our fanatical customer service starts with the human touch. There are no voice machines and no scripted responses. Whether you reach out to us through phone, chat or email, our customer service and technical support teams are there to help you 24h.